Friday, May 8, 2015


沒反應  不理睬 - 用物件或身體語言吸引其之反應

害羞  弱怕 - 以溫柔語氣與其溝通

好動  不合作 - 讓其明白如不合作就不會給予機會參與

暴燥  好爭好力 - 以自己平靜溫和動作讓其知道不與爭執

懶散  沒興趣 - 付出耐性給予推動

不專注  不留神 - 付出耐性盡力吸引

柔弱  思想慢 - 付出耐心和愛心

How do we nourish character?

Unresponsive - use toys or body language to lure responsiveness

Shy and Timid - connect with soft spoken communication

Restless and Uncooperative - opportunity to participate is not given if uncooperative

Agitated and Aggressive - let them know that we do not fight because we are quiet and peaceful

Lazy and Uninterested - motivate with patience

Non-focus and Non-attentive - entice with patience

Weak and Slow - give out your patience and love